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Kemps Creek Sporting and Bowling Club is a medium sized club located on Elizabeth Drive between Penrith and Liverpool

We have recently just completed renovations and refurbishments to the club giving is that modern look and feel providing Bar, TAB and Keno facilities as well as two bowling greens and a big screen TV which is great for watching the Footy.

Our Club History

The origin of Kemps Creek Sporting and Bowling Club Ltd, (As it is now known) was born out of a meeting held on the 23rd February 1963 held at the residence of Don Rowe, Who at that time was the owner of a cake shop in Cabramatta. As a result from this meeting it was decided to form a “Bowling Club”. The club was duly incorporated as a company and registered with the registrar of companies under the name of Kemps Creek Bowling Club Ltd.

The first President was ‘Gert’ Garske with Herbet Ramsden Overett the first secretary, and Neville McGrath as the first Treasurer. The very first board of directors consisted of Hugo Perau (Senior Vice President), Bill Dawson (Junior Vice President), Norm Bradley (Bowls Secretary, and Stan Tokarczyk, Eric Tischler, Jack Rae, Arthur Bradley, and Stan Mikuszewski as Directors.

Our Original Club

‘Gert’ Garske was instrumental in procuring the original property of the club, which consisted of four acres on which the existing clubhouse, two greens and the brick veneer cottage are currently situated. The directs at the time, in their wisdom, with limited knowledge of bowling green construction and limited finances as well, engaged a company called S&T Bowling Green Constructions to lay down the centre square and perimeter drainage lines, but not the ditches or the banks.

This work commenced in early 1964 and progressed to the point where the couch grass was laid a few months later, which was about March of the same year. The work was not carried out to the satisfaction of the directors and as such the contractors were not paid their full contract price. Naturally they didn’t come back and therefore the centre square was never brought up to an acceptable state by them. For the next eighteen months the greens in which were done were covered in weeds up to a metre high. Due to the location of the club being in a rural area with limited development at that time, and the price of joining fees, finding new members to join the club began to prove a real problem.

Authentic Tradition

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Our Philosophy

Our Incorporation.

In February 1965 Kemps Creek Sporting Club Ltd. Was incorporated and the two clubs were run simultaneously until a general meeting of both clubs was held in May of that same year, at which time Kemps Creek Bowling Club was officially wound up with the assets and liabilities being taken over by kemps creek sporting club ltd. In order to minimise any loss of membership the commencing date for the clubs financial year was shifted from the 1st of July as in the “bowling club” to the 1st of January the following year for the “Sporting Club”.

In 1965 Ken Ford was elected the new secretary. At this time he decided that we will no longer let the bowling green be an overgrown expensive patch of weeds, and suggested that we complete the task ourselves and make some use of it. Almost two years later on the 2nd of January 1967, after a lot of hard work the proud day finally arrived when the first organised game of bowls was played on the greens. When bowls was first played on the green in 1967 the club had already entered a side in the Nepean District No 4 Pennant grade and at that time the district played their pennants in two halves, the first half of the games were played before Christmas and the second half after Christmas, as the greens were not fit to host this all in one go.

After the success of the first bowls day, it was decided to make a more permanent type of facility to use as a meeting place and to shelter from the elements, and so the “Tin Shed” Evolved. In no time at all, using left over materials and borrowed bits and pieces the tin shed was constructed by the clubs resident carpenters.

Moving Forward.

In 1967 Ken ford resigned from his position however in 1968 the president Bill Dawson resigned as president with Ken Ford being elected to take his position. During this year a new board was put in place and things started moving again, to such degree that in November of that same year the club applied for and was granted a “Conditional Liquor Licence”, this meant that the club had twelve months in which to erect a clubhouse, which if completed in that time they would be granted a “full” licence.

The clubhouse plans had been approved and the bank had offered to lend majority of the money. In June of 1969 the building was commenced, and the club officially began to trade on the 23rd of December that same year. At the time that the club was granted permission to trade there were 105 members on the club books. The clubhouse was officially opened by the president of the R.N.S.W.B.A Don Bray on the 22nd February 1970. The Club started trading with just six poker machines which at the time was considered quite adequate.

1975 was the year in which the club embarked on its first major building extension, this addition was in effect increasing the club’s floor area by almost 300%. Due to old buildings starting to rust, alterations were made in 1994 to the existing building and again in July of 1998 finishing in August 1999. During this latest upgrade the whole layout of the club was due to change. The official opening of this latest addition to the club was performed by the treasurer at the time Rick Field in early December 1999. At that time Rick had been the treasurer continuously for the previous thirteen years, no one can fault his commitment to the well being and progress of the club, unfortunately just three weeks after this major opening Rick Passed away.

While presidents and treasurers play an important part in the running of any club, the secretary or as in the case of Kemps Creek, the Secretary Manager is the Nuts and Bolts of every Club. When you have stability in that area it should augur well for the club in general. Ted Porter started the ball rolling with 8 years as Secretary Manager with the current in office John Henry.

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